March 12. 2013

Virtual Sex gaming powerhouse Somavision today accounced an official project for the upcoming VR headset the Oculus rift. The game which will feature never before seen detailed 3D models and environments will feature adult VR immersion on an unprecidented level. 


The company's biggest announcement at the Somavision - attended GDC 2013 San Francisco event. The fact that one of hte premiere players in the adult game space created an instant buzz. "we've been expecting that this would be something some new companies would jump into, but the fact that you have a proven player like Somavision going into adult VR shows that there is a tremendous interest in this technology and where it's headed.", Paul Michaels, a event attendant concluded.

The virtual reality headset Oculus Rift made quite an impression with its Kickstarter campaign this year, but now that one of the most experienced developers in adult video games now announces a "highly-immersive, adult virtual reality experiences" there might be a whole new level of interest in the goggle LCD tech.


About the soon-to-be-released but yet untitled, original adult VR game produced by his studio, founder Alan Huxley - Somavision states:

"This is the VR that we've been waiting for, and now it's finally here. The leap in technology is tremendous and the ability to immerse the player into the virtual space is like nothing that we've seen before.  

We've been making adult games for over 10 years. We have an experienced team that comes for professional game development and we've never been more excited to be on the cutting edge of adult entertainment."
The company's announcement comes at the heels of another adult VR startup, Sinful Robot, who also promises "fully immersive VR experiences". When asked about other developers in the newly developing adult VR game arena Huxley replied: 
"We think that the more options there are in the marketplace the better the overall experience for the user is going to be. There is no way that we can make something that caters to every experience, so the more developers there are making adult games the more it will help to foster a overall acceptance for this kind of entertainment."


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