Added in this build:

Procedural Head Controls 
HUD buttons for clothing removal
Contact sensitive tools
Now after you remove the panties from a HUD button (we can fade the clothing off later), the tools selector becomes available.
From the tools selector you can switch the hover item from the default hand.

There are three spots that trigger the tool to change its' animations, pussy, ass, mouth.
If you click on one of these areas, The prop is then parented to that joint and the script selects a prop animation of my choosing.
All the prop anims are not complete yet, so they might not match right now in this demo.
When the "insert point" is active, the animation playback becomes manual, controlled by y-axis mouse when tool is left click-held.
I felt that this was the most intuitive way to swap between "free roam" as it were and "insertion anims".  Note: the mouth/pussy/ass morphs are not currently accessing the tool anims, so the morphs do not open yet with tool, but this will be added. The animation that is driven when in "insert" mode is on the propsroot. I do not have any controls to active bone animation for example on the hand tool, but this could be added quite easily.
In addition to the three spots that trigger the tool lock-on, there are 2 boob zones. These move the tits when the user clicks on them, plus triggers a crossfade to another animation. Which brings me to the animation scripting part of the demo.

I have changed the organization of the anims to better reflect how they are used in the game. So you start with the idle anim, then you have a idle animation array and HUD buttons which cycle through the idle anims. Each idle then has 5 sub-anims arrays with corespond to each zone. You can duplicate sub-on each zone, but the possibility is there to have a separate anim triggered by each zone.  So you click the pussy, she crossfades to the idle1pussy anim, you click on the left tit she plays the animation that matches the pussy inserting tool. Only clicking on the same "instert trigger" again will result in going back to "free roam" so you should be able to trigger all of the sub-anims even when there is a particular tool in a particular hole. 

For this first set, I will try to make 5 idles and then 5 sub-anims for each idle. We can continue adding more if it is deemed necessary.
More to be done:
Emotional states:
I really am looking forward to adding the emotional state changer. Will take a little time to make 20 different morph anims, but once that is done the scripting is in place to have her continue to change her expressions over a pretty significant gameplay period, like 10 minutes or so. Im interested to see if this can be observed, or is too subtle for the average user to notice.

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